Cause 4 Cats is dedicated to improving the quality of life for CATS: pet, stray, and feral by providing TNR (trap-neuter-return), rescue, and shelter.

We are a California non-profit organization supported solely by private donations. We have tax exemption status with the IRS as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, Fed ID# 34-2018427.

Located in Lebec, California, right off Interstate 5, 35 miles north of Valencia/Santa Clarita, and 45 miles south of Bakersfield.


We do adoptions at Petco, 5151 Gosford Rd, Bakersfield Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday 10am-5pm. Come by and check out our cute rescued kitties.

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Help Needed Immediately - Urgent Needs

Foster Homes

Mariah and newborns 4/12/14

It is the start of kitten season! So far we have taken in six cats that were too-pregnant-to-spay. Five have had their kittens.  We also have several  bottle babies and orphan kittens.  We are in urgent need of foster homes and donations to help support these families. Fostering abandoned or neglected momma cats & their tiny kittens can be entertaining, heart warming and rewarding. Donations are needed for medical care. 

All of the rescued kittens need shots, checkups and treatment. Help save these tiny, adorable kittens, helpless and hoping for a new home and loving human parents. Your donations are tax deductible. 

Recent Arrivals

These kittens were left in a box at Costco in SW Bakersfield.  Fortuitously, one of our fosters was at the store shopping when Costco employees found the kittens and were wondering what to do with them.  Shelley took the 7  home.  Except for some fleas, they were in good condition.  Some are still eating formula from a bottle but others have started eating canned kitten food mixed with KMR.  They are doing well and will be shown for adoption early to mid June.  7 little kittens are a lot for one foster home, so Shelley gets kudos for caring for all of them.  


Below are a mom and her 3 babies who made their home in a flower bed in Lindsay, CA. These kittens are almost ready for adoption.


We are desparate for more fosters.  We have no place to put all the little feline families we are being asked to help.


If you can take in kittens or a pregnant mom ready to deliver, please call 661-248-0299.  


Fundraising idea welcome!

Our May 3,4 Silent Auction flopped.  This great guitar is most likely going to be raffled in the very near future.  Other ideas, suggestions are welcome!

Can you help our cats find homes?

2013 was a record year for us.  We found homes for just over 600 cats and kittens!


But our work never ends - we have dozens that need homes.  Many of the cats are loveable 1 year olds. They were kittens from last year and are indoor only cats. We have some that would like indoor/outdoor homes where the environment is safe from predators, heavy traffic, loose dogs.

We also have some healthy feral cats that would be fine in an outdoor environment such as a protected back yard or perhaps as barn cats.

Could you help by adopting or being a long-term foster for one or more of these cats? Cats also are great when indoors to control any pests, rodents - their food, litter and vet bills may be partially tax deductible if they are helping with pest control (check your local deductions for pest control).

Please spread the word to your friends, family and coworkers. Please help us find forever homes for these cats and so many others that are in need. Call Lolette at 661-248-0299.

What are we doing for our community?

  • We provide sheltering for lost, abandoned and unwanted cats
  • We provide low-cost spay and neuter referrals to local residents
  • We provide assistance with lost and found pets
  • We provide assistance with adopting pets into kind, loving homes

We have collectively rescued and adopted thousands of cats in the mountain communities and greater Bakersfield area.  Our shelter does not have vacancies, so foster homes are needed to temporarily house homeless cats until they can be rehomed.

What are our plans to improve services for animals and the community?

  • To develop and implement a spay/neuter awareness program
  • To expand and enhance our foster home program
  • Inform & Help pet owners understand healthy choices for cats / kittens

There is still much to be done and not enough people or funds to do it with. A community problem requires a resolution from the entire community! Please contact us if you can volunteer, or donate via PayPal or by mailing a check!

How can YOU help right NOW?

  • Help us find homes for these cats and kittens!
  • Donate materials or labor to improve our shelters
  • Sponsor a homeless cat with a monthly donation
  • Donate funds to the spay/neuter fund to help curb animal overpopulation
  • Become a foster caregiver - give an animal a chance at adoption
  • Donate funds to the emergency veterinary care fund

For further information please call:
Cause 4 Cats - 661-248-0299

Where to Find Us:

Lolette & Russ Robrahn
667 Canyon Drive
P.O. Box 0488
Lebec, CA 93243

Phone: 661-248-0299
Email: info@cause4cats.org

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