Cause 4 Cats is dedicated to improving the quality of life for CATS: pet, stray, and feral by promoting adoption, TNR (trap-neuter-return), and rescue.  


We are a California non-profit organization supported solely by private donations. We have tax exemption status with the IRS as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, Fed ID# 34-2018427.

What We Do

Cause 4 Cats (C4C) works in the  Bakersfield, California area. 


We do not have a shelter and are not able to take cats in, but we will do what we can to help find homes for them or arrange a transfer to an out of area rescue if possible.  There are costs involved to do this and your help is requested to cover those. Cats must be vaccinated if vaccinations are not current, and they must be sterilized.  C4C can provide advice and assistance.

We accommodate underage kittens which  the shelters cannot IF we have space in our foster homes.  Otherwise, we will work to assist people willing to foster the kittens they have found until they are old enough to go to a shelter, be transferred, or an adopter is found. To save more kittens, your help is needed

Can You Bottle Feed A Tiny Kitten?

We regularly get calls from people who find kittens that either have been separated from their litter or whose mother cat has been killed or is missing.   We only have a couple of experienced bottle feeders to call upon, so sadly we have been having to turn down these requests.  The best we can do is teach the finders how to care for them, which does not bode well for the babies. In the hands of inexperienced caretakers many will not survive. If taken to the local animal shelters, the kittens are euthanized.

Do you have the time, experience and patience to take care of kittens a few days to a few weeks old?  Their chance at life is much better in the hands of an experienced bottler. Please text 661-755-4848 or email info@cause4cats.org if you can care for newborn to 4 week old kittens.  

Growing Kittens Need Food!

Bottle babies need KMR and mom cats with litters who will be transitioning to solid food need Royal Canin Mother & Babycat kibble.


Please help by providing donations to feed the little ones who need foster care. We purchase online to get better/rescue pricing which is much lower than retail stores.  $$$ are needed to do this.

Foster Homes for Kittens & Cats


Daily, we get calls for help with found kittens and strays! New foster homes are needed, as our current fosters are still full and some had to take a break. We have no place to put all the little feline families we are being asked to help. We have stretched our fosters as far as we can, and it is heartbreaking to have to say "NO" when the only doors that seem to be open to them are the city and county kill shelters.


NOTE:  Kittens 2 mos old weighing 2# may be safely taken to KCAS on Fruitvale.  The staff at county is doing a great job finding homes for them, as long as they are healthy.  If not healthy, there is still a risk of euthanization.  Kittens under age/weight will also be killed if the county does not have fosters available.  If you can, keep them until they are of safe age and weight.  Wild kittens will be sterilized and released where caught.



Can you help our "special needs" kittens and cats find homes?


We often have special needs cats and kittens come into our care. Many require more patience and love than a cat that is easily adopted. Please spread the word to your friends, family and coworkers. Please help us find forever homes for these kitties and so many others that are in need. Call Lolette at 661-248-0299.

What are we doing for our community?

  • We provide help for abandoned and unwanted cats, primarily serving as an adoption outlet.  If a foster home is available, we will provide temporary care. 
  • We provide low-cost spay and neuter referrals to local residents.
  • We inform & help pet owners understand healthy choices for cats / kittens.

Over the past ten years, we have collectively rescued and found homes for thousands of cats in the mountain communities and greater Bakersfield area. 


There is still much to be done and not enough people or funds to do it with. A community problem requires a resolution from the entire community! Please contact us if you can volunteer, or donate via PayPal or by mailing a check!

How can YOU help right NOW?

  • Help us find homes for these cats and kittens!
  • Support C4C with a monthly donation for food.
  • Donate funds to the spay/neuter fund to help curb animal overpopulation.
  • Donate funds to the emergency veterinary care fund.
  • FOSTER - give an animal a chance at adoption!
  • VOLUNTEER! Special projects require extra help.

For further information please call:
Cause 4 Cats - 661-248-0299 and leave a message

Cause 4 Cats

How to Contact Us:

Lolette & Russ Robrahn
P.O. Box 0488
Lebec, CA 93243

Phone: 661-248-0299
Cell:  661-755-4848

Email: info@cause4cats.org

Cause 4 Cats
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