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On December 30th, Otis was inadvertently let out of his home near Olive Drive and Castlegate Lane in Bakersfield by a roommate.  He is a neutered male about 2 years old and is an indoor cat. Otis is not microchipped. At home he is very friendly to strangers, but he may be skittish in unfamiliar surroundings. If you see Otis and can coax him to safety or if you see him but he will not come to you, please call 661-332-1758 or 661-755-4848.




Mixy disappeared from her home near Bakersfield College at the beginning of March. She is a 1.5 year old silver point with blue eyes.  Mixy had a bright yellow collar on when she went missing.  A $100.00 reward is being offered for her safe return.  Call 661-747-1912 or 661-755-4848.




Thank you for your help.



MJ apparently was an inside cat left behind by some renters who moved out a few months ago. Her temporary caretaker reports she started putting food out for MJ who now is at her front door often. She appears to sleep in the backyard next door.  


Poor MJ really wants to be in the house, but has not been allowed in as there is a conflict between her and the resident cat. She meows whenever her rescuer goes outside, running up, purring and wanting to be petted and held. She is a lap cat. 


Despite having to live outdoors, MJ keeps herself impeccably groomed and has shown she is an expert in litterbox use.


MJ has been spayed sometime in the past, per the vet is around 4 years, weighs 8 pounds, and is in great health.  Her caretaker has made sure she got all shots "just in case."


So if you are looking for just one wonderful cat who will give you furever love, MJ is the kitty for you!!



Lo-Lo was trapped as a 4 month old feral kitten and, as an inside only kitty,has tamed to become a very loving, cuddly pet.  He gets on fabulously with his small dog friend and loves to play with him and people.  He is agressive toward other cats, however, so he needs to be in a home where he rules the house as the only feline. He's a birdwatcher, very fastidious in his habits, faithfully uses the littterbox and does not spray or scratch the furniture. He prefers dry food over canned food.


Lo-Lo got his name from his foster mom's granddaughter who was answering the telephone "lo-lo" instead of hello.

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If you would like to meet MJ or Lo-Lo please call, email or text to request an appointment. Please  see sidebar for contact info.

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