Cause 4 Cats is dedicated to improving the quality of life for CATS: pet, stray, and feral by providing TNR (trap-neuter-return), rescue, and shelter.

We are a California non-profit organization supported solely by private donations. We have tax exemption status with the IRS as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, Fed ID# 34-2018427.

C4C is located in Lebec, California, right off Interstate 5, 35 miles north of Valencia/Santa Clarita, 75 miles north of Los Angeles, 45 miles south of Bakersfield.


We do adoptions at Petco, 5151 Gosford Rd, Bakersfield Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 10am-5pm. Come by and check out our cute rescued kitties.

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Help Needed Immediately - Urgent

Can You Bottle Feed A Tiny Kitten?

We regularly get calls from people who find kittens that either have been separated from their litter or whose mother can has been killed or is missing.  Do you have the time, experience and patience to take care of kittens a few days to a few weeks old?


Growing Kittens Need Food!

This baby came to us as a lone 2 week old kitten found in a box outside Walmart.  About 3 weeks later, she is transitioning to solid food and has a ravenous appetite.  We have more just like her. Please help us feed these little ones.

Foster Homes for Kittens & Cats

Kitten season is now in full swing! Foster homes are needed for the anticipated onslaught over the next few months! We have no place to put all the little feline families we will be asked to help.


We also have some adult cats that were "only" cats before coming to us are not happy at our facility.  Especially in need of OUT are three declawed females who are intimidated by the other cats. Would you consider fostering (or adopting) one of them? Both are in good health. Whitney is a blue-eyed Siamese mix dilute tabico a little over 8 years old.  Lucy is a buff tabby about 2 years old. Bella is about 6 years old. (See photos below; stories are on Adoption page.)




Funds for Eye Surgeries UPDATE!


Damaged by infection, Stevie's left eye is blind and her right eye undersized. She does have some sight in her active 4 month old kitten.


STEVIE has had her eye surgery. She and her sister Sheila were adopted by a wonderful lady who funded the surgery. Debbie reports the kittens are both healed from their spay surgeries and Stevie is doing wonderfully after removal of the left eye. She does have sight in her right eye and is as rambunctious as Sheila. They are very affectionate kitties who enjoy sleeping on Debbie when they are not in their kitty bed.


Freddie, just over a year, has developed glaucoma in his right eye.  It is very painful and needs to be removed.


Sadly, Freddie developed other health issues and had to be humanely euthanized to end his suffering.















Big, beautiful Bloo has lived 7-1/2 years with an entropion lower left eyelid. This is irritating and causes discharge. He came to us when his owner died. Our vet will correct that so he will be comfortable his remaining years. (He looks grumpy - he's lost his upper right fang and HATES getting eye meds - but he really is a very nice kitty.)


BLOO STILL NEEDS SURGERY  - COST $150 - $200.  Our vet helps keep costs down for things like this, but we have had so many expenses, we have not had the funds for non-emergency vet care. Bloo's eye looks better these days, but surgery needs to be done



Fundraising ideas & projects

As you shop, please support us on AmazonSmile for charitable donations! Just go to AmazonSmile.com and select Cause 4 Cats to shop for your products. A small percentage of your purchase will help us. http://smile.amazon.com/ch/34-2018427


Does your employer have a Charitable Matching Employees Funds Program? Some people are making small weekly, monthly or even larger annual donations and doubling the benefit by taking advantage of their employer programs.


Please consider organizing a garage sale with your family, friends or neighbors for full or partial benefit of Cause 4 Cats. We would be happy to help provide handouts


Donate items for fundraising drawings at our adoption events.  If you would be able to give a gift basket, a new item of value, or even a gift or gift certificate from a business, possibly your employer, we can show and sell tickets at Petco on weekends during our adoption events.

Can you help our "special needs" kittens and cats find homes?

Runtley (black female) and Chumley (black/white tuxedo male) are the remaining 2 kittens in a litter of 7 born at a local business.  Mom was dropped at the location by a driver and unfortunately was not spayed quickly enough.  She presented the employees there a surprising gift of the large litter on December 28th.  Five kittens have been adopted by people there, but Runtley and Chumley have not yet found homes. They are handicapped only by the fact they each are missing

a back leg.  Apparently the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around one of the back legs on each kitten and cut circulation, causing the leg to die. Since they have been like this from the beginning of their lives, they get around and play like any kittens would.  Also, since they have been in the company's breakroom, they are totally friendly, affectionate and at ease with lots of different people. They will be showing at Petco starting March 27th.  


We have other special needs kitties featured on our Adoption page.

Please spread the word to your friends, family and coworkers. Please help us find forever homes for these cats and so many others that are in need. Call Lolette at 661-248-0299.

What are we doing for our community?

  • We provide sheltering for lost, abandoned and unwanted cats as space permits.
  • We provide low-cost spay and neuter referrals to local residents
  • We provide assistance with lost and found pets
  • We provide assistance with adopting pets into kind, loving homes
  • We inform & help pet owners understand healthy choices for cats / kittens

We have collectively rescued and adopted thousands of cats in the mountain communities and greater Bakersfield area.  Our shelter does not have vacancies, so foster homes are needed to temporarily house homeless cats until they can be rehomed.


There is still much to be done and not enough people or funds to do it with. A community problem requires a resolution from the entire community! Please contact us if you can volunteer, or donate via PayPal or by mailing a check!

How can YOU help right NOW?

  • Help us find homes for these cats and kittens!
  • Donate materials or labor to improve our shelters (CAT TREES ESPECIALLY!)
  • Sponsor a homeless cat with a monthly donation
  • Donate funds to the spay/neuter fund to help curb animal overpopulation
  • Become a foster caregiver - give an animal a chance at adoption
  • Donate funds to the emergency veterinary care fund

For further information please call:
Cause 4 Cats - 661-248-0299

Cause 4 Cats

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Lolette & Russ Robrahn
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