At about 4 yrs, Pico is a sweet, somewhat shy kitty who is the last of his litter in need of a home. He is a handsome boy who tends to be alpha with other cats.  Pico would be happiest in a home of his own or with just one or two other felines.


Updated 10/2018



Henry is about 2 years old. He gets along well with other cats and has 2 large dog friends in his foster home.  His special friend is a black and white 8 month old kitten named Clifford who is also available for adoption.


Updated 10/2018




Barkley was raised by hand from birth. At 3-1/2 years he is a big, busy boy He does throw his weight around other cats, even though he's younger than those in his household.  He is spoiled, sleeps on his mom and makes up for sometimes being a brat by giving lots of kisses.  


Updated 10/2018




Shasta is a Lilac Point Siamese, 4 years old and spayed. Her coat is thick and has medium length.  She is very affectionate, likes to give kisses and sleep at the top of your pillow. She begs to get up on your lap, unlike most cats who just assume they are welcome.


Updated 10/2018




George is a very social kitty at 6-1/2 years.  He has a stable disposition and loves attention.  He's a great companion.

Updated 10/18



This is Dandy, a handsome  7 yr old neutered male tuxedo cat .  His black coat has a silver, tabby patterned undercoat. Likes other cats but not dogs! Loves to play Hide-N-Seek; he always wins!



Updated 10/2018




Lots more kitties to come!


Senior Cats (available soon!)


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