We Have Lots of Kittens!


Kittens are not adopted til 8 weeks of age.  Most of the kittens shown here are 3-7 months, up to one year. 


There are many more in foster care.  We are working on getting up-to-date photos. 

Special Needs

SPICE was left in a box inside the gate at one of our volunteers homes.  Her right rear leg extends just below the hock, severed by an accident or it's a birth defect and the tip was rubbed raw by trying to walk on it.  Right now she is in a padded crate to allow this kitten to walk and play freely as kittens do, without rubbing it open again.  She will be revisiting the vet soon to see if she requires a partial or full amputation of the leg.

For information, call or text  (661) 755-4848.

Babies now available!

How to Contact Us:

Lolette & Russ Robrahn
P.O. Box 0488
Lebec, CA 93243

Phone: 661-248-0299
Cell:  661-755-4848

Email: info@cause4cats.org

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